The DevSecOps Experiments couldn’t have happened without the support of the DevSecOps community as well as various organizations and individuals in the Open Source community.

Check out to participate in a movement like no other, and to hear the stories of the world.


A huge shout out to the following people who have been encouraging, inspriational, and some of the greatest friends one could ever have. Follow them on Twitter and you will learn all about the world of DevSecOps.

Shannon Lietz The Godmother @devsecops
John Willis The Sensei @botchagalupe
Aaron Reinhart The Chaos Maker @aaronrinehart
James Wickett The Getaway Driver @wickett
Chris Roberts The Sommelier @Sidragon1
Ernest Mueller The Texan @ernestmueller
Chetan Conikiee The Left Shifter @conikeec
Edwin Kwan The Bookmaker @edkwan
Stefan Streichsbier The Guardrails @s_streichsbier
Fabian Lim The “Kid” @3jmaster
Derek Weeks The Organizer @weekstweets
Alan Shimel The Godfather @ashimmy
Chenxi Wang The Rainmaker @chenxiwang
Michael Trofi The Gangster @TrofiMichael

Last but very far from least:

Mark Miller - The Greatest Showman - without whom I would never have had the guts to tell my story to a worldwide audience. He’s one of the most influential people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, a great friend, and the master of reflections.

Thank you as well to the many others not listed here yet

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Pexels Pexels provided many photos used in the DevSecOps Experiment’s videos, slide decks, website and many other places. Website
Pixabay Images and photos were also obtained from Pixabay. Website

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Pexels Video Pexels provided many video clips used in the DevSecOps Experiment and many other places. Website

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Rodolfo Clix “Photo of Clear Glass Measuring Lot” Website